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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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56253 frederiksborg castle,the departure of the royal falcon hunt heinrich hansen frederiksborg castle,the departure of the royal falcon hunt mk247 1863,oil on canvas,15.75x19.625 in,40.5x50 cm,private colleciton
79177 Fredriksborg_Slott:_Den_kongelige_falke_jagt heinrich hansen Fredriksborg_Slott:_Den_kongelige_falke_jagt "Fredriksborg_Slott:_Den_kongelige_falke_jagt" (Frederiksborg Castle: Departure of the royal falcon hunt), painting by Danish artist Heinrich Hansen, oil on canvas, 40.5 by 55 cm. Date 1851(1851) cjr
56293 interior of the rosenborg palace,copenhagen heinrich hansen interior of the rosenborg palace,copenhagen mk247 c.1870 to 80,oil on panel ,private collection
82274 Square heinrich hansen Square Date 1851 cyf

heinrich hansen
Heinrich Hansen (13 October 1861 ?C 17 April 1940) was a German Lutheran theologian and the father of the Lutheran High Church movement in Germany. Hansen was born in Klockries near Lindholm (Nordfriesland) as a son of a teacher. In Kiel and Erlangen he studied theology, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and in particular the Old Testament under August Klostermann. He worked since 1887 as a pastor in Schleswig-Holstein: in Reinfeld, Lindholm, on the island Pellworm, in Kropp and in Olderup near Husum. Hansen wrote Latin hymns and worked on a Low German Bible translation and published a Low German hymnal. By the study of the old Lutheran theologians, particularly Martin Chemnitz, and the Roman Catholic theologian Johann Adam Möhler, he came to an Evangelical Catholic view about church. In the Reformation jubilee year of 1917??exactly 100 years after Claus Harms?? Hansen published 95 theses (Stimuli et Clavi) in Latin and German, as a sharp criticism against contemporary Protestantism. His theses influenced the foundation of "Hochkirchliche Vereinigung" in October 1918. Hansen is well-known as a co-founder and the first chairman of Hochkirchliche Vereinigung. He died in Breklum
Carl Larsson
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