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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
Carl Larsson

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60369 concert arthur o shaughnessy concert mk270 the cover of the international quadrilee by charles d albert, showing the opening of the crstal palace in london in 1862. it became a favourite concert venue.
60370 outide the bayreuth festspielhaus arthur o shaughnessy outide the bayreuth festspielhaus mk270 outide the bayreuth festspielhaus, 1892. the theatre was built in the 1870s specifically for performances of wagner s music dramas.
60368 the leipzig opera house in the augstusplatz arthur o shaughnessy the leipzig opera house in the augstusplatz mk270 the leipzig opera house in the augstusplatz, built between 1864 and 1867.

arthur o shaughnessy
1844 C 81, English poet and naturalist. He was a member of the zoological department of the British Museum. He wrote four volumes of poetrye Epic of Women (1870), Lays of France (1872), Music and Moonlight (1874), and Songs of a Worker (1881)??which all reveal the influence of D. G. Rossetti. One ode, beginning, We are the music-makers, is his best-known poem.
Carl Larsson
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