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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
Carl Larsson

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28488 A Village Celebration WERTINGER, Hans A Village Celebration mk60 Oil on panel 9x16"
73795 Boar Hunt WERTINGER, Hans Boar Hunt Date between 1525(1525) and 1530(1530) Medium Oil on cradled panel Dimensions 21 X 38.7 cm (8.27 X 15.24 in) cyf
7208 Princess Maria Jacobaa WERTINGER, Hans Princess Maria Jacobaa Wood, 69 x 45 cm Alte Pinakothek, Munich
34268 Rural Fete WERTINGER, Hans Rural Fete mk91 Oil on panel 22.5x40

German painter (b. 1465, Landshut, d. 1533, Landshut) German painter and woodcutter. An artist as ambitious as Lucas Cranach I, he became one of Germany's first accredited court painters, working for the Dukes of Landshut in the triangular area defined by Ingolstadt, Straubing and Munich. The son of a functionary working for the Dukes, he was probably first taught by a certain Sigmund Gleism?ller (c. 1449-1511). Hans Mair (Mair von Landshut), who had come from Augsburg and had settled in Landshut, seems to have prompted him to work as a journeyman in Augsburg. His acquisition of citizen's rights in Landshut in 1491 suggests he was a master by that date. Mair seemingly procured him a series of commissions between 1497 and 1499 from Prince Bishop Philipp of Freising (1480-1541). The only work to survive from this period, however, is the large panel of the Life of St Sigismund (1498) in Freising Cathedral. It retains the deep tones associated with Augsburg painting, and its shape, with a pointed arch at the top, must also have been developed in Augsburg. As in Mair's work, several scenes are assembled in the arch and the side sections, creating a cramped Late Gothic framing architecture,
Carl Larsson
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