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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
Carl Larsson

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
82489 Badende drenge Peter Hansen Badende drenge Oil on board. 41 by 60 cm. Statens Museum for Kunst. Date 1902(1902) cyf
82504 Bolgende rug Peter Hansen Bolgende rug Oil on canvass. 85 by 115.5 cm. Statens Museum for Kunst. Date 1894(1894) cyf
87096 Boys Bathing Peter Hansen Boys Bathing Date 1902(1902) Medium Oil on cardboard Dimensions 41 x 60 cm (16.1 x 23.6 in) cjr
91779 Boys Bathing Peter Hansen Boys Bathing 1902(1902) Medium oil on cardboard Dimensions 41 X 60 cm (16.1 X 23.6 in) cyf
83470 Manure Gatherers Peter Hansen Manure Gatherers Date 1904(1904) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 100 x 141.3 cm (39.4 x 55.6 in) cjr
82503 Pa isen bag byen Peter Hansen Pa isen bag byen Oil on canvass. 102 by 164 cm. Statens Museum for Kunst. Date 1901(1901) cyf
82501 Plojemanden vender Peter Hansen Plojemanden vender Date 1902 cyf
92331 The Plowman Turns Peter Hansen The Plowman Turns Oil on canvass. 48.5 by 63 cm. Statens Musem for Kunst. Date 1902(1902) cjr

Peter Hansen
Peter Marius Hansen (13 May 1868, Faaborg - 6 October 1928, Faaborg) was a Danish painter who became one of the Fynboerne or "Funen Painters" group living and working on the island of Funen. Hansen attended the Copenhagen Technical School before studying under Kristian Zahrtmann at the Kunstnernes Frie Studieskoler (1884 - 1890). His travels included the Netherlands (1892 and 1909), and several periods in Italy from 1899 where he was in Civita d'Antino with Zahrtmann (1904) and in Pompei with Theodor Philipsen (1919 - 21). He also travelled to Belgium and Paris in 1909. His eldest son, David Shane Hansen (1888-1909) would become one of the leading organizers of the 1909 general strike in Barcelona, Spain. He was killed by military forces July 27th 1909. Peter Hansen would comment that his son had become a great martyr in the rising Spanish Anarchist movement that was sweeping Spain. It was during this time that Peter's art began to reflect the pain he suffered at the loss of his son.
Carl Larsson
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