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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
Carl Larsson

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Here are all the paintings of Michau, Theobald 01

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
19419 Peasants at the Market Michau, Theobald Peasants at the Market Richard Green Gallery, Londres.
19420 The Market Michau, Theobald The Market Galerie De Jonkheere, Brussels.
19422 The Road to the Market. Michau, Theobald The Road to the Market.   
19418 The Stop at the Country Inn Michau, Theobald The Stop at the Country Inn Galerie De Jonckheere, Brussels.
19423 Village Market Michau, Theobald Village Market Private collection.
19421 Winter Landscape Michau, Theobald Winter Landscape Galerie J.O. Leegenhoek, Paris.

Michau, Theobald
Flemish Painter, 1676-1765
Carl Larsson
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