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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
66605 Die Propylaen auf dem Menchner Konigsplatz Leo von Klenze Die Propylaen auf dem Menchner Konigsplatz Oil on canvas 87,5 x 130,2 cm 1848
70493 Die Propylaen auf dem Munchner Konigsplatz Leo von Klenze Die Propylaen auf dem Munchner Konigsplatz Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 87,5 x 130,2 cm
89873 Napoleon in Portoferraio Leo von Klenze Napoleon in Portoferraio 1839(1839) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 40 x 51 cm cjr
44034 The Acropolis at Athens Leo von Klenze The Acropolis at Athens 1846 Oil on canvas, 103 x 148 cm
68947 walhalla Leo von Klenze walhalla 1836 oil on canvas 95x130cm se

Leo von Klenze
German Architect and Painter, 1784-1864,was a German neoclassicist architect, painter and writer. Court architect of Bavarian King Ludwig I, Leo von Klenze was one of the most prominent representatives of Greek revival style. Von Klenze studied architecture in Berlin and Paris. Between 1808 and 1813 he was a court architect of Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia. Later he moved to Bavaria and in 1816 began to work as court architect of Ludwig I. The King's passion for Hellenism shaped the architectural style of von Klenze. He built many neoclassical buildings in Munich, including the Ruhmeshalle and Monopteros temple. On Konigsplatz he designed probably the best known modern Hellenistic architectural ensemble. Near Regensburg he built the Walhalla temple, named after Valhalla, the home of gods in Norse mythology. When Greece won its independence, Ludwig I's son Otto became the country's first king. Von Klenze was invited to Athens to submit plans of city reconstruction in the style of Ancient Greece. Russian Emperor Nicholas I commissioned von Klenze to design a building for the New Hermitage, a public museum that housed Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities. Von Klenze also designed and arranged museum galleries in Munich, including the Glyptothek and Alte Pinakothek. Von Klenze was not only an architect, but also an accomplished painter and draughtsman. In many of his paintings ancient buildings were depicted. Those served as models for his own architectural projects. Klenze studied ancient architecture during his travels to Italy and Greece. He also participated in excavations of ancient buildings in Athens and submitted projects for the restoration of the Acropolis. Klenze collected works of important contemporary German painters. He sold his collection, including 58 landscapes and genre paintings, to King Ludwig I in 1841.
Carl Larsson
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