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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
28920 Hercules between Vice and Virtue Jan Van Den Hoecke Hercules between Vice and Virtue mk65 Oil on canvas 57 5/16x76 3/8in Uffizi,
81215 The Triumph of David Jan Van Den Hoecke The Triumph of David oil on panel painting attributed to Jan van den Hoecke, c. 1635, Kimbell Art Museum Date ca. 1635(1635) cyf
77899 The Triumph of David, Jan Van Den Hoecke The Triumph of David, The Triumph of David, oil on panel painting attributed to Jan van den Hoecke, c. 1635, Kimbell Art Museum. cjr

Jan Van Den Hoecke
Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1611-1651 was a Flemish Baroque painter and draughtsman. He was born and died in Antwerp. He first apprenticed with his father, the painter Gaspar van den Hoecke (1595?C1648); then worked in the studio of Peter Paul Rubens. Jan's brother Robert van den Hoecke (1622?C1668) was also a painter. The artist and his father were well known for their 1635 execution of decorations for the Arch dedicated to the Emperor Ferdinand III in Antwerp. In this collaboration, Jan painted monumental representations, as seen in his piece, Triumphal Entrance of Cardinal Prince Ferdinand of Spain, (Uffizi Gallery). Hoecke then traveled to Austria under the commission of the Emperor Ferdinand III after 1637, staying for about ten years. He also painted for Ferdinand's brother, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (1614-C1662), including a Madonna and Child and a number of allegorical pieces. Before this he traveled to Italy and worked in Rome, which may have influenced his style some. Another piece by Hoecke is his, Hercules between Vice and Virtue, (Uffizi Gallery), which shows an influence from both Rubens, and another pupil of the master Baroque painter, Anthony van Dyck.
Carl Larsson
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