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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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20256 A Christian Allegory (mk05) Jan Provost A Christian Allegory (mk05) Wood,20 x 15 1/2''(51 x 40 cm).Given by Christiane Aulanier in 1973
3422 Abraham, Sarah and the Angel Jan Provost Abraham, Sarah and the Angel Musee du Louvre, Paris
42012 An alegoria Christian Jan Provost An alegoria Christian mk166 Principles of the century XVI I Wave on wood 51x40cm Museum of the Louvre Paris
30461 Christian Allegory Jan Provost Christian Allegory mk68 Oil on wood 19 3/4x15 3/4" c.1510-1515 Netherlands
29144 The Virgin in Majesty Jan Provost The Virgin in Majesty mk65 Oil on canvas transferred from panel 80x59 1/2"

Jan Provost
1465-1529 Flemish Jan Provost Gallery Jan Provoost, or Jan Provost (1462/5, Mons?CJanuary 1529, Bruges) was a Flemish painter. He was one of the most famous Netherlandish painters of his generation, a prolific master who left his early workshop in Valenciennes to run two workshops, one in Bruges, where he was made a burgher in 1494, the other simultaneously in Antwerp, which was the economic center of the Low Countries. Provoost was also a cartographer engineer and architect. He met Albrecht D??rer in Antwerp in 1520, and a D??rer portrait drawing at the National Gallery, London, is conjectured to be of Provoost. He married the widow of the miniaturist and painter Simon Marmion, after whose death he inherited the considerable Marmion estate. The styles of Gerard David and Hans Memling can be detected in Provoost's religious paintings. The Last Judgement painted for the Bruges town hall in 1525 is the only painting for which documentary evidence identifies Provoost. Surprising discoveries can still be made: in 1971 an unknown and anonymous panoramic Crucifixion from the village church at Koolkerke was identified as Provoost's. It is on permanent loan to the Groeninge Museum, Bruges.
Carl Larsson
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