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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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71525 Cattle and Landscape James McDougal Hart Cattle and Landscape ca. 1867(1867) Oil on canvas 50.4 x 75.7 cm (19.84 x 29.8 in)
72735 Cattle and Landscape James McDougal Hart Cattle and Landscape Date ca. 1867(1867) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 50.4 X 75.7 cm (19.84 X 29.8 in) cyf
71381 Midsummer James McDougal Hart Midsummer ca. 1870(1870) Oil on canvas 55.9 x 91.4 cm (22.01 x 35.98 in)
72481 Midsummer James McDougal Hart Midsummer Date ca. 1870(1870) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 55.9 X 91.4 cm (22.01 X 35.98 in) cyf

James McDougal Hart
(May 10, 1828 - October 24, 1901), was a Scottish-born American landscape and cattle painter of the Hudson River School. His older brother, William Hart, was also a Hudson River School artist, and the two painted similar subjects. Hart was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, and was taken to America with his family in early youth. In Albany, New York he trained with a sign and carriage maker possibly the same employer that had taken on his brother in his early career. Unlike his brother, however, James returned to Europe for serious artistic training. He studied in Munich, and was a pupil of Friedrich Wilhelm Schirmer in Dusseldorf. Hart returned to America in 1853. He exhibited his first work at the National Academy of Design in 1848, became an associate in 1857 and a full member in 1859. James Hart was particularly devoted to the National Academy, exhibiting there over a period of more than forty years, and serving as vice president late in his life from 1895 to 1899. Like his brother, James also exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association (he lived for a time in Brooklyn) and at major exhibitions around the country. Along with most of the major landscape artists of the time, Hart based his operations in New York City and adopted the style of the Hudson River School. While James Hart and his brother William often painted similar landscape subjects, James may have been more inclined to paint exceptionally large works. An example is The Old Homestead (1862), 42 x 68 inches, in the collection of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. James may have been exposed to large paintings while studying in D??sseldorf, a center of realist art pedagogy that also shaped the practices of Albert Bierstadt and Worthington Whittredge. William Hart, who did not seek academic European training, seems to have been more comfortable painting small and mid-sized works. Like his brother William, James excelled at painting cattle. Kevin J. Avery writes, "the bovine subjects that once distinguished [his works] now seem the embodiment of Hart's artistic complacency." In contrast with the complacency of some of his cattle scenes, his major landscape paintings are considered important works of the Hudson River School.
Carl Larsson
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