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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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98205 Cleopatra Lussuriosa Giuseppe Antonio Petrini Cleopatra Lussuriosa 1900(1900) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 193 x 151 cm cyf
97905 Landscape with a water carrier Giuseppe Antonio Petrini Landscape with a water carrier second half of 17th century Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 114.5 x 144 cm cyf
91080 Laughing Democritus. Giuseppe Antonio Petrini Laughing Democritus. c. 1750(1750) Medium oil on canvas cjr
91081 Weeping Heraclitus Giuseppe Antonio Petrini Weeping Heraclitus c. 1750(1750) Medium oil on canvas cjr

Giuseppe Antonio Petrini
(October 23, 1677- c. 1755-9) was a painter of the late-Baroque, active mainly in Lugano, present-day Switzerland. St. Andrew City Museum of Rimini, ItalyWhile born in Carona in Canton Ticino and died in Lugano, both in Switzerland, Petrini belongs to the Northern Italian or Lombard heritage of baroque painting. He possibly apprenticed with Bartolomeo Guidobono after 1700. While some works can be found in Como and Bergamo, most are located in Lugano and the surrounding area. He is also listed between 1711 and 1753 as fabbriciere of the church of Madonna deOnegro in Carona. He often painted "portraits" of historical figures including saints, philosophers, and scientists for patrons. One of his more prominent examples is his depiction of an auster St. Peter emerging from the shadows to pinpoint some lines in the gospel. He painted another St. Peter for the parish church of Dubino. Pietro Ligari classified him among the speculative painters, since these portraits, by nature, were imagined.
Carl Larsson
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