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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
30962 Autoportrait ditautrefois Portrait de Gaston de Foix Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo Autoportrait ditautrefois Portrait de Gaston de Foix mk70 Toile H.0,91 L.1,23 Paris,Musee du Louvre
29905 Mary Magdalen Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo Mary Magdalen mk67 Oil on canvas 33 7/16x31 1/8in Pitti,Meridiana
91441 Saint Matthew and the Angel Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo Saint Matthew and the Angel 1534 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Français : 93,3 x 124,5 cm cjr
29904 The Transfiguration Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo The Transfiguration mk67 Panel 54 3/4x495/8in Uffizi,Gallery
74377 Transfiguration Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo Transfiguration Description Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo 005.jpg Transfiguration Date 16th century cyf

Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo
Italian Mannerist Painter , c. 1480 - aft.1548 was an Italian High Renaissance painter. Savoldo was born in Brescia, but little is known about his early years. Some sources claim he was known as Girolamo Bresciano. By 1506 he was in Parma, and by 1508, he had joined the Florentine painter??s guild. In this period he finished the Rest at the Flight from Egypt (Augsburg), the Elijah Harassed by a Crow (National Gallery of Art, Washington), and a Deposition. In 1515 he painted the Portrait of a Clad Warrior, wrongly identified with Gaston de Foix. Also from the same period his the Temptings of St. Anthony, which appears to show the influence of the Flemish Hieronymus Bosch. The works was appreciated by the commissioners from Venice, where Savoldo relocated before 1520. On June 15, 1524 he signed a contract for an altarpiece for the church of San Domenico in Pesaro (now in the Brera, Milan). In 1527, he completed a St. Hieronymus for the Brescian family Averoldi, probably the one at National Gallery of London. From the 1530s dates a Nativity at the National Gallery in Washington DC, which seems influenced by the lambent contemporary, Correggio painting on the same topic. In 1533 Savoldo painted a Madonna with Four Saints in the church of Santa Maria in Organo, while in 1537-1538 he executed the altarpiece for the main altar of Santa Croce, Brescia.
Carl Larsson
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