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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
94158 El bautizo Cristobal Rojas El bautizo 148 x 176 cm 1889 cjr
94152 El Purgatorio Cristobal Rojas El Purgatorio 1890(1890) Medium Óleo sobre tela Dimensions 339 x 256 cm. cjr
94159 Estudio para el balcon Cristobal Rojas Estudio para el balcon 73 x59,5 cm.1889 cjr
94155 La miseria Cristobal Rojas La miseria 1886(1886) Medium Óleo sobre tela Dimensions 180,4 x 221,4 cm cjr
94154 La Muerte de Giradot en Barbula Cristobal Rojas La Muerte de Giradot en Barbula 287 x 217 cm Date 1883(1883) cjr
94156 La taberna Cristobal Rojas La taberna Óleo sobre tela 212 x 272 cm. GAN.Cararas - Venezuela. Date 1887(1887) cjr
94160 Retrato del Presidente Rojas Paul Cristobal Rojas Retrato del Presidente Rojas Paul 1889(1889) Medium Óleo sobre tela Dimensions 200 x 128,3 cm. cjr
94153 Ruinas de Cua despues del Terremoto de 1812 Cristobal Rojas Ruinas de Cua despues del Terremoto de 1812 1882 cjr
81924 Self portrait Cristobal Rojas Self portrait 1887(1887) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 60.5 x 50 cm (23.8 x 19.7 in) cyf
94157 The First and Last Communion Cristobal Rojas The First and Last Communion 1888(1888) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 200 x 250 cm (78.7 x 98.4 in) cjr

Cristobal Rojas
Cristobal Rojas (Cua, Miranda, 15 December 1857 e Caracas, 8 November 1890) was one of the most important and high-profile Venezuelan painters of the 19th century. Rojas's styles varied considerably throughout his life, and he displayed talents in painting that ranged primarily for dramatic effect, to works done in the Impressionist style. Cristebal Rojas Poleo was born in the city of Cea in the Valles del Tuy to parents who worked in the medical profession. Part of his childhood occurred during the middle of the federal war (1859 - 1863) and Cea was particularly affected by the events of the war. He initiated studies under his grandfather, Jose Luis Rojas, who taught him how to draw and motivated him to improve. At 13 years old, his father died and he was forced to begin work in a tobacco factory in Cea to help support his family. In 1878, an earthquake devastated the Valles del Tuy region, and the Rojas faced poverty. As a result he moved to Caracas where he continued his painting studies, despite again having to work in the tobacco industry to support his mother and family. In Caracas he attended classes by Jose Manuel Mauco at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Between 1880 and 1882, he developed a keen interest in oils and displayed a primitive technique that would prevail in his later paintings such as Ruinas de Cea despues del Terremoto and Ruinas del templo de la Merced. During this time he became acquainted with the painter Antonio Herrera Toro, also coming under contract as Toro's assistant to paint Caracas Cathedral.
Carl Larsson
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