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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
88436 An Oriental Harbour Bonaventura Peeters An Oriental Harbour between 1650(1650) and 1652(1652) Medium Oil on wood cyf
83570 Dutch Ferry Boats in a Fresh Breeze Bonaventura Peeters Dutch Ferry Boats in a Fresh Breeze 1640s Medium Oil on oak panel Dimensions 33 x 38.2 x 6 cm (13 x 15 x 2.4 in) cyf
82147 Grobes Seestuck Bonaventura Peeters Grobes Seestuck Date by 1652(1652) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 50 x 85 cm (19.7 x 33.5 in) cjr
96542 Sea storm with sailing ships Bonaventura Peeters Sea storm with sailing ships circa 1640(1640) Medium oil on panel cyf
90402 Storm on the Sea Bonaventura Peeters Storm on the Sea 1632(1632) Medium oil on oak Dimensions Height: 58.5 cm (23 in). Width: 84.5 cm (33.3 in). cyf
90017 The Great Flood Bonaventura Peeters The Great Flood first half of 17th century Medium oil on oak panel Dimensions Height: 19 cm (7.5 in). Width: 34 cm (13.4 in). cyf

Bonaventura Peeters
(Antwerp, 23 July 1614 - Hoboken (Antwerp), 25 July 1652) was a Flemish Baroque painter who specialized in seascapes and shipwrecks, known as Zeekens (small seascapes). Peeters, brother of the seascape painters Jan Peeters I, Gillis Peeters, and Catharina Peeters, learned to paint from his father, who became a master in Antwerp's guild of St. Luke in 1607 - 1608, and his earlier works are related to the tonal phase of Dutch landscape painting. Later paintings, however, reflect the stronger colors of Italianate classicism. This shift follows the general changes in artistic style at the time. Like his brother Jan, dramatic shipwrecks with dark billowy clouds, form a significant part of his oeuvre, as do serene ports and "portraits" of ships.Also, while many of Peeters's paintings reflect actual locations, and he may have even travelled along the coast of Scandinavia, his many views of far-away Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ports reflect a growing taste for the exotic and are probably inspired from fantasy and from prints. This tradition developed simultaneously in Flemish painting and in Dutch Golden Age painting, with many artists, including Peeters, working in both Antwerp and in the Dutch Republic.
Carl Larsson
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