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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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10763 The Coronation of the Virgin Bicci, Neri di The Coronation of the Virgin 1400s, oil on wood, Mus??e du Petit Palais at Avignon.
51710 The Coronation of virgin Bicci, Neri di The Coronation of virgin nn09 Oil on wood 63x69in

Bicci, Neri di
Italian Early Renaissance Painter, 1419-1491 was an Italian painter of the Renaissance. A prolific painter of mainly religious themes, he was active mainly in Florence and in the medium of tempera. His father was Bicci di Lorenzo (1373-1452). His grandfather, Lorenzo di Bicci (c. 1350-1427) was also a painter in Florence, a pupil of Spinello Aretino. He painted a St. Giovanni Gualberto enthroned, with ten Saints for the church of San Pancrazio. His journals from the years 1453-1475,
Carl Larsson
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