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May 28, 1853–January 22, 1919. Swedish painter.
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92632 Professor John Marshall, FRS (1818-1891), Surgeon Alphonse Legros Professor John Marshall, FRS (1818-1891), Surgeon Date 1879 (painted) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 13.5 X 17.5 in (34.3 X 44.5 cm) (estimate) TTD
11065 The Calvary Alphonse Legros The Calvary 3' x 2' 4 3/4''(91.5 x 72.8cm) Gift of Ernest May,1923

Alphonse Legros
Alphonse Legros (8 May 1837 - 8 December 1911), painter, etcher and sculptor was born in Dijon. His father was an accountant, and came from the neighbouring village of Veronnes. Young Legros frequently visited the farms of his relatives, and the peasants and landscapes of that part of France are the subjects of many of his pictures and etchings. He was sent to the art school at Dijon with a view to qualifying for a trade, and was apprenticed to Maître Nicolardo, house decorator and painter of images. In 1851 Legros left for Paris to take another situation; but passing through Lyon he worked for six months as journeyman wall-painter under the decorator Beuchot, who was painting the chapel of Cardinal Bonald in the cathedral.
Carl Larsson
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